Easy to Clean, Easy to Maintain and Last Kitchen Shutters

Arguably the most popular material for shutters, laminates are usually fixed on an MDF or plywood base and are edge-banded with PVC tapes, aluminium or wooden beadings to finish and seal the edges.

  • Laminated shutters available in Postform and 4SEB
  • We have selected 78 shades and maintain an inventory of the laminates and edge-bandings for the same.
  • These 78 shades have been specially selected from reputed brands and cover various finishes like SF, WG, HG etc to suit your requirements.
  • Laminates with High-gloss finish are provided in 1.5 mm thickness to avoid waviness.
  • Handle options: J , G and Pull-grip Profile handles.

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Better Insulation Against Heat and Cold.

Glass offers superior transparency of heat; hence, it should balance with its relatively low R-value (energy saving). R-value measures the insulation effectiveness – its resistance to heat gain or loss. The higher the R-value, the better is the insulation against heat and cold.

  • Imported Panels based on High Density Fibreboard.
  • Available in 9 X 5 panels especially for Wardrobe shutters.
  • 18 Trendsetting shades in Solid, Woodgrain, Unimetallic and Premium Design.
  • BSL boards with front side in Hi-gloss finish and back in SF finish.

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Highly resistant to variations in temperature.

Acrylic plastic is highly resistant to variations in temperature, making it ideal for using in the manufacture of medical manifolds and microfluidics devices and can be fully heated treated and diffusion bonded.

  • We provide Acrylic finish shutters and panels with superior gloss finish and some really trend setting shades.
  • We have 18 standard shades in Acrylic and maintain an inventory of the boards and their matching edge bandings.
  • The Acrylic panels that we use are imported from Italy and give a genuine Italian look to your furniture.
  • The Acrylic panels are based on Russian Birch ply with both side same shade in gloss finish.
  • Also available with 2tone edgebanding for 10 solid shades.
  • Handle options: J , G and Pullgrip Profile handles

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[ PU ]

PU finishes for That Classy Look.

PU finish should be considered for its luxurious look and feel. PU paint stands for Polyurethane paint. It is a highly durable acrylic paint that is easy to apply. This paint has a royal-finish and is applied over MDF boards. PU finish is basically painted over the shutter and can be glossy or matte. It is resistant to heat, chemicals and water, making it perfect for kitchens, too. Moreover, it is scratch resistant making it long lasting.

  • PU finished shutters are available in 36 standard shades with Matt & Hi-gloss finish.
  • Special range:
  • Metallic shades: Black, White, Silver, Gold & Aluminium
  • Sparkle shades: Black & White
  • Mother of Pearl shade

Rich, Warm and Natural Appearance

Furniture or cabinets made using veneers are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood furniture. Veneer finishes look luxurious and expensive. They add warmth and a touch of class to your décor. As the veneers are sourced from real wood, no two veneers will look exactly the same.

  • Both side veneer on Russian Birch plywood with built-in J-handle.
  • Available in Oak and Walnut shades.
  • Can be lacquered with clear matt, gloss and velvet PU coat.
  • Also available in 4 side edge-banded panels and shutters.

Identical to Actual Glass, but with a Series of Advantages.

Glaks is an excellent alternative to Glass. It is Organic glass which looks identical to actual glass, but with a series of advantages. It is unbreakable and resistant to scratches, chemicals and impact. It is lighter in weight and is very versatile in application.

  • An excellent alternative to glass.
  • 3mm glass-like gloss surface on the front and matching shade in texture finish on the back.
  • Russian Birchwood is used as the base material.
  • Available in 4 colours.
  • Chamfering on sides and V-grooving on the surface is possible.

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Easy to Clean, Resistant to Cold, Fire, Mould and Sunlight.

Ceramic range is a collection of sintered, ultra-compact material. The material has almost zero porosity which prohibits the growth of microbes and makes it safe for contact with food. Also it is highly resistant to chemical reagents and household cleaning agents. This material is made with advanced technology which combines reduced thickness with high strength, resistance to chemical products, wear, scratches, deep abrasions and bending. The material is made from 60% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

  • Stone finish shutters available on Ply as well as Aluminium Profiles.
  • Available in 12 Shades.
  • Superior tough surface and Scratch Proof.
  • Easy to clean, water & UV resistant.

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